Bajour Relief Visit 2009

Photos from Bajour Relief Visit in 2009

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  • Two separate relief missions were organised in 2009 to Swat and Bajour for the supply of basic provisions to the innocent victims who were caught up and displaced by the military operations in the North West of Pakistan.

  • Provisions purchased from Rawalpindi, Islamabad were loaded on to hired vehicles to be transported to the affected areas for distribution. The purchasing of provisions is based upon the advise received from local charities already working in the area.

  • ANSAR Foundation worked alongside the local charity Falah-e-Insaniat, who organised a school for the relief distribution center and informed the victims from a refugee camp.

  • Food parcels containing basic food supplies such as, flour, sugar, tea, powdered milk and ghee were pre-packed ready for distribution along with bedding supplies.

  • Relief supplies were intended for the displaced victims residing in a refugee camp.

  • Families with children were living in tents with basic supplies and provisions, coping with the best of there abilities and determination the harsh conditions and cold nights forced upon them by the military operations.

  • Victims queuing patiently for the distribution of relief parcels.

  • A system of giving the victims a ticket whilst queuing is implemented in order to ensure the fair distribution to both young and old. This methods does not allow for the same person to make repeat visits and thereby taking someone elses share.

  • Mr. Mohammed Malik Farooq ( Founder; ANSAR Foundation) distributing food parcels.

  • Mr. Zafar Iqbal( ANSAR Foundation) along with staff from Filah-e-Insaniyat staff distributing food parcels.

  • Victims handing in tickets and carrying away food parcels.

  • Victims handing in tickets and carrying away food parcels.

  • Children taking away food parcels for their families. A stark reminder of how some children around the world even have their childhood taken away from them.

  • Children handing in their tickets for exchange for a food parcel. Yet another reminder of the innocent victims caught up in humanitarian crises.

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